ems bikesTrinity EMS serves the community with an elite staff of highly trained and professional Emergency Medical Responders who are available to be on standby at your next function or event.

Many event organizers find the need to have standby EMS providers in case of unexpected injury or illness for rapid intervention and immediate on site patient care.  Our staff is comprised of motivated, customer service driven individuals who are experts in their fields! All of our Emergency Medical Responders are nationally certified and active in the emergency services field!

Our Emergency Medical Responders bring to your event an advanced knowledge of on scene emergency response techniques and the latest technologies. Each team of responders is prepared with a fully equipped emergency response bag and a Automatic External Defibrillator (AEDs).  Every Emergency Medical Responder is equipped with a portable two way radio and direct access to the local emergency dispatch center for advanced medical treatment if required.

Trinity EMS is the only private EMS First Responders in the area to provide EMS ATV & Bike Patrol Teams which can cover larger events with faster response times! Our ATV & Bike Patrols proactively canvas the event area providing an EMS presents to the attendees while at the ready to respond to any medical emergency!

"When lives count on seconds, you can count on Trinity EMS!"

To schedule a Emergency Medical Responder Team at your next event or function

call 302-223-5315