August 15, 2013 –A new feel to an old necessary! Every certification cycle EMT's must have a 24 hour refresher! One of the biggest complaints is that there is no new material... well it is a refresher! So, how do you bring a new feel to an old necessity? Trinity EMS has worked in a game show angle to make these refreshers more entertaining and challenging for those who attend. Based on the Jeopardy game show students will have buzzers and compete against other classmates to lighten the atmosphere and make learning fun!

There are currently two 24 Hour EMT Refreshers schedule that Trinity EMS Educators will be teaching one at Odessa Fire Company in New Castle County and the other will be hosted at Hartly Fire Company in Kent County! To learn more about our upcoming refresher dates and time check out the home page side bar! This will be a 24 hour refresher like you have never attended before!