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Is there a minimum number of students for Classes?     

       A: Unless otherwise noted, the class minimum is ten (10).


How will I be notified that a class has been cancelled?

       A: You will be notified via email.


Is the deposit for EMT class refundable?

       A: Unfortunately, the deposit is non-refundable.


I can no longer attend the EMT, can my money be refunded?

       A: We will gladly make every effort to assign you to another class if possible.


How do I submit for my EMT card?

       A: Your instructor will review this with you during class.


When do I have to pay for my class?

       A: All classes must be paid for prior to the start of class unless other arrangements have been made.


Will I receive a certificate for classes I attend?

       A: Yes, certificates will be handed out at the end of class or emailed to you or your training officer to distribute.


What if I don’t receive a certificate?

       A: Please contact us through the website.


How long will it take for someone to respond to my inquiry?

       A: We make every effort to reply to your inquiry within 24-48 hours.


How can I find out where classes are being held?

       A: All classes are posted on the website calendar.


How can I schedule a class?

       A: Please contact us via the website.


What is the address for Trinity’s training location?

       A: EMT classes in New Castle County are held at 35-A Salem Church Road Newark De.

All other  classes are held throughout the State. Please check the calendar for class locations and times


Where can the fire company send a payment?

       A: It can be sent to:
                        P.O. Box 7929 
                        Newark, DE 19714


Is my personal information shared?

       A: Trinity does not share personal information.


What is your refund policy?

       A: Refunds will be issued if Trinity has to cancel a class due to certain issues. Please contact us for specific issues.


What is your refund policy?

       A: No. Trinity EMS does not ship items, and since items are not shipped nothinng is returned.


How much does it cost to replace a lost CPR card or Certificate?

       A: A replacement CPR Card or Certificate costs $20 to reorder. Click Here to order yours. 

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