October 13, 2013 - Less than one month ago Trinity EMS instructors Edward Yang, and Amanda Saville instructed a corporate CPR & AED course. Very pleased with their initial training the organization booked a basic first aid course with Trinity EMS!

We were then contacted to let us know that one of the office workers that took the Trinity EMS CPR & AED course had used her training just two short days later and saved a life!

The women was eating dinner with her family when her teenage son began choking! She began to asses her sons condition based off the training she received just two short days ago! It became quickly apparent that her son had a complete airway obstruction! As trained, the women performed abdominal thrusts on her son expelling the lodged food from his airway and preventing any further airway obstruction!

The women called her office to let them know that the training they provided her at work saved the life of her child and had she not had the training through work there may have been a very different outcome!

Congratulations to both Edward Yang and Amanda Saville for your superior training skills that resulted in a life save!
Both Ed & Amanda will be awarded Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing "Life Saver – Educator" Award!
October 1, 2013 – Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing is pleased to announce that we have paired with Delaware Technical Community College (Georgetown Campus) to offer the full National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Course.This opportunity will provide current DelTech Students and new comers alike the opportunity to take a full NREMT course at an accredited college through the community development division.Those interested in attending this program at DelTech should contact the Georgetown Campus directly to enroll! We look forward to a long and committed relationship with the staff and students at Delaware Technical Community College!
September 10, 2013 – Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing will be hosting a EMT CEU College at Christiana Fire Company Station 12! This EMT CEU College is designed to compact a multitude of CEU hours into a two day window! EMT's who attend both days will walk away with 14 CEU Hours! Carl Pace, CEO says "Every EMT has to take continuing education, our job is to make the training entertaining and educational!" Trinity EMS has secured the area's premier speakers who will present riveting topics to the CEU College attendees! "This will not be your basic bloodborne pathogens training" says Pace, "Our topics will be fresh and exciting and our presenters will be high energy and knowledgeable!" In addition to the CEUs at there will be door prizes, give-a-ways and vendors on site. With the low admission price Trinity EMS is also including a continental breakfast and lunch for all of the attendees! This is a great chance for quality and quantity to combined and produce great results for those who attend! The Dates of the EMT CEU College are February 7th & 8th of 2014.
August 15, 2013 –A new feel to an old necessary! Every certification cycle EMT's must have a 24 hour refresher! One of the biggest complaints is that there is no new material... well it is a refresher! So, how do you bring a new feel to an old necessity? Trinity EMS has worked in a game show angle to make these refreshers more entertaining and challenging for those who attend. Based on the Jeopardy game show students will have buzzers and compete against other classmates to lighten the atmosphere and make learning fun!

There are currently two 24 Hour EMT Refreshers schedule that Trinity EMS Educators will be teaching one at Odessa Fire Company in New Castle County and the other will be hosted at Hartly Fire Company in Kent County! To learn more about our upcoming refresher dates and time check out the home page side bar! This will be a 24 hour refresher like you have never attended before!
July 2, 2013 –Trinity EMS is proud to announce that Dr. E. David Bailey, MD MPH has accepted the position of Medical Director! Dr. Bailey is well rooted in the Fire & EMS communities starting his own fire service career in 1984 as a firefighter and ambulance attendant with Aetna Hook Hose and Ladder Company. Seven years later he graduated from the University of Maryland, Summa Cum Laude with his BS in EMS Management. Continuing on he attended and graduated from University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1995 and started his residency in Emergency Medicine with Christiana Care all the while remaining active with Aetna riding crew every week!

He was awarded the SAEM Physio-Control Fellowship which he completed at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1999. He returned to work at Union Hospital until 2003 when he started as an attending with DFES at Christiana Care. During this time he represented the DVFA on DEMSOC, helping to formulate legislation to develop the current EMS system in Delaware.

In 2000 he became the State of Delaware EMS Medical Director for BLS, a position he held until 2007. During this time he earned his MPH from Medical College of Wisconsin. In 2006, Dave started as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Temple University Hospital, a position he holds to this day. He resigned as EMS Medical Director in 2007, and was awarded the Lifetime EMS Achievement Award by the DVFA that same year. The following year he was inducted into the DVFA Fireman's Hall of Fame.

Dave currently works at Temple University Hospital as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. He also serves as the EMS Medical Director for Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Co. and on the Board of Directors. During his time in EMS he has published original research and position papers with the National Association of EMS Physicians. In 2010 and 2012 he had the privilege of traveling to Vietnam with the Good Samaritans Organization to teach Emergency Medicine and EMS to the Physicians of Vietnam. He remains committed to serving his community and helping his fellow brothers and sisters in the fire service. He enjoys teaching the next generation of residents, EMS providers, and fire fighters as they continue the tradition of Service For Others.

Dr. Bailey will be a true asset to the Trinity Training Team, we at Trinity EMS are lucky to have him on board and look forward to our continued growth through his knowledge and skill!
June 29, 2013 – Trinity EMS would like to congratulate one of our own! Winning first place in the state EMS HOSA competition, Amanda was selected to travel to Nashville, TN to represent the State of Delaware in a national EMS competition! In a environment with challenging events and the best competition in the country, Amanda placed 4th in the nation! She will proudly return boasting a national win, making all her hard work and preparation worth the effort! We are proud to have Amanda as a member of the Trinity EMS Team! Again congrats and welcome home!
June 8, 2013 - Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing is proud to welcome Lars Granholm to the Trinity Training Team! Lars has been appointed as the Director of Education – Sussex County. Lars will manage the training and education division in Sussex County. He will working closely with our other education directors and staff to develop new training programs and modules ensuring Trinity EMS is providing advanced training with superior results!

Lars started in the fire service in 1987 in Prince William County, VA becoming an EMT-A in 1988, a Cardiac Technician (VA) in 1991 an a Paramedic in 1994. For the last 18 years he has worked for the Sussex County Paramedics in Delaware where he currently serves in the rank of P-III. He is the Honor Guard Commander and has held positions of Field Training Officer, SET Coordinator, and MCI Co-Chair. Lars is a highly decorated medic receiving a Valor Award, Phoenix Award, Achievement Citation, Shift Excellence Award and FTO of the Year!

In addition to his field work Lars is a very respected and valuable member of the EMS instructor community! He has instructed in a host of topics and scenarios. His experience in the field combined with his phenomenal classroom style make him a reality based instructor with focus on quality and the production of successful students!

"First, we are extremely fortunate to have Lars on board with Trinity EMS! Our team looks forward to working with him! We are honored to have the Sussex County Education division in his experienced hands! Lars is another example of the quality team that Trinity has built to provide our Customers with an unparalleled product!" – states Carl Pace, President – Chief Executive Officer.

Welcome again to Lars Granholm Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing's newest Trinity Training Team Member!
May 27th, 2013 - Field Medical Services, LLC is a Delaware based company that serves the tri-state area. There primary business is providing emergency services personnel and response teams at events and sporting arenas. Field Medical Services boasts clients to include the University of Delaware, Black Rock Insurance Corp, West Chester High School, Walk for the Cure and many other predominate businesses and groups.

Kyle Rice, President of Field Medical Services and Carl Pace, CEO of Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing met and finalized the merger today between the two organizations!

The companies will operate under the Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing name with all contracts and clients being serviced by Trinity EMS effective immediately.

"The acquisition of Field Medical Services, LLC. is a welcomed addition to the Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing portfolio. Field Medical Services has a respectable client and contract list and we look forward to providing them with the exceptional customer service and quality that they have come to expect. Additionally, Mr. Rice will be a great addition to our organization and we look forward to working with him!" says Carl Pace – CEO of Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing.

Kyle Rice former President of Field Medical Services will be retained to assist in both the educational and staffing divisions of Trinity EMS.