October 13, 2013 - Less than one month ago Trinity EMS instructors Edward Yang, and Amanda Saville instructed a corporate CPR & AED course. Very pleased with their initial training the organization booked a basic first aid course with Trinity EMS!

We were then contacted to let us know that one of the office workers that took the Trinity EMS CPR & AED course had used her training just two short days later and saved a life!

The women was eating dinner with her family when her teenage son began choking! She began to asses her sons condition based off the training she received just two short days ago! It became quickly apparent that her son had a complete airway obstruction! As trained, the women performed abdominal thrusts on her son expelling the lodged food from his airway and preventing any further airway obstruction!

The women called her office to let them know that the training they provided her at work saved the life of her child and had she not had the training through work there may have been a very different outcome!

Congratulations to both Edward Yang and Amanda Saville for your superior training skills that resulted in a life save!
Both Ed & Amanda will be awarded Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing "Life Saver – Educator" Award!