June 8, 2013 - Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing is proud to welcome Lars Granholm to the Trinity Training Team! Lars has been appointed as the Director of Education – Sussex County. Lars will manage the training and education division in Sussex County. He will working closely with our other education directors and staff to develop new training programs and modules ensuring Trinity EMS is providing advanced training with superior results!

Lars started in the fire service in 1987 in Prince William County, VA becoming an EMT-A in 1988, a Cardiac Technician (VA) in 1991 an a Paramedic in 1994. For the last 18 years he has worked for the Sussex County Paramedics in Delaware where he currently serves in the rank of P-III. He is the Honor Guard Commander and has held positions of Field Training Officer, SET Coordinator, and MCI Co-Chair. Lars is a highly decorated medic receiving a Valor Award, Phoenix Award, Achievement Citation, Shift Excellence Award and FTO of the Year!

In addition to his field work Lars is a very respected and valuable member of the EMS instructor community! He has instructed in a host of topics and scenarios. His experience in the field combined with his phenomenal classroom style make him a reality based instructor with focus on quality and the production of successful students!

"First, we are extremely fortunate to have Lars on board with Trinity EMS! Our team looks forward to working with him! We are honored to have the Sussex County Education division in his experienced hands! Lars is another example of the quality team that Trinity has built to provide our Customers with an unparalleled product!" – states Carl Pace, President – Chief Executive Officer.

Welcome again to Lars Granholm Trinity EMS Educators & Staffing's newest Trinity Training Team Member!